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Daryl Dixon.
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"You should bang me just like you bang your bass."

Daryl Dixon; just another survivor in this fucked up world. Armed with my crossbow and knife, ain't no walker that's gunna take me down!

Eis drachen. Deal with it.

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So, I'm feeling rather childish and I wanna rant. So you know what? I'm gonna do just that, and if anyone dislikes it, then too god damn bad. I couldn't give two shits at this point. I'm open too all comments on this, I'll say what the hell I want because;

Oh look! A fuck! It flew away before I could give it.

First off, we've learned the maturity level of some people here on deviantART. Blocking two people simply because they're RIGHT about defending a friend of theirs? 

But all conversations in anything, like with Moffett were caused also because of them, all because Moffett stated his opinion. They've crossed the line with me by doing that.

Haha, yeah. I'm soooo sure we crossed a line right? We DEFENDED our friend, rather actually, I defended my BROTHER-IN-LAW. I'm entitled to stand up for him, especially against people who are clearly just aiming to be a bunch of ignorant, simple-minded, pieces of shit. Oops! Did I actually say that out loud? Lemme rephrase that;

filthy, disease-bearing, motherless, poxy bastards!

Yes, I quoted Daryl Dixon, thank you.

Let's get back on topic here. All that my darling little sister and I did was tell this guy how it was, and because this other guy (who happens to think he's some kind of king shit, believe you me) happened to be involved, we're the ones who were in the wrong. I feel no sympathy in what I had said to this little boy. I have no regrets, no mixed feelings. I'm tellin' you this now, lovelies. I stated how it was and of course, he ran off and blocked me like the little bitch that he is all because he couldn't put on his big boy pants.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You're NOT any kind of man, nor will you be.

And this KID had the audacity to submit a journal about the three of us. Hell, I could easily link you to this journal, too. Honestly, he doesn't realize that I have access to SEVERAL different deviantART accounts. He can't hide from me that easily if I decide to send him a note and call him out on his bullshit, unless he decides to delete his account and create a new one, but then I'll still find him. :) It's not hard. I'm quite talented. The thing is, I'm not going to go that far with this. After all, I'm just ranting.

If this kid or his, and I air quote this, "friends" can message me all they want. They can comment on this, slam me as much as they want but words are just merely words. If I let words hurt me, I'd be a miserable little ball of a mess on the floor. I've dealt with shit that's a million times worse than this. I'm not gunna get all up and severely butthurt over a bunch of little bitches getting all up in my face. I'll simply wave it off, look at them with a smirk and give them the biggest grin ever while referring to the above statement about giving a fuck.

Now, I think I'm done. But let me add in one more thing; this guy also had the audacity to STEAL my brother's commission design and submit it into a contest as his own entry. I don't give a damn what his excuse was, the point is he never even bothered to message my brother and ask for permission. He changed the arm and aura of the image (which is DBZ related, you can find it in my brother's gallery, too). Oooh, because that's not considered copying, right? Wanna know something else? He REFUSED to apologize to my brother and only apologized to the user in charge of the contest. That's when my brother found out about the journal entry and after he commented on the entry, his only response was 'Fine, I'll apologize to you then'. Heh, wanna talk about not even a half-assed apology? Dude, you just blew air out your ass to him and tried to call it an apology. I think he should have had a little more decency than that but what do you expect from a child who can't take off his frilly pink panties and put on the big boy pants? You expect nothing more than this, ladies and gentlemen.

Well, I'm done now. Feel free to comment away. I'm sure most of you won't disagree with me, unless you're siding with this little girl while he sheds his baby crocodile tears and plays the 'woe is me' cards for the whole of the deviantART community. That's all for tonight, my dear watchers, friends and family.

Also, I'd like to add this in; before you comment, I'd like you to take this very fact into consideration,

I'm entitled to voice my own opinions and feelings. That's the joys of being human, living in a free country. If you don't like it, feel free to turn the hell around and get the fuck off my journal. Thank you, sunshine. :3

Thanks for reading!


Love and kisses, Jinxy~

:iconlilrwar: & :iconselras:

  • Mood: Pleased

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You're welcome! :D
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